joves de barcelona

An institutional platform that connects with young people

The Barcelona City Council was having trouble connecting with young people due to the outdated image of the InfoJove Barcelona platform, so we were commissioned to update it.

The redesign starts with the name. The naming structure “InfoJove Barcelona” seemed a bit archaic and lacked an efficient declension. As a solution, the brand update presents a more fluid declension system. With a small change, Joves de Barcelona becomes a broader, more plural, and easily declinable brand.

The proposal uses a more up-to-date and accessible design, from the name and brand architecture to the narrative and visual language. This approach enables us to engage the audience using a language that strikes a balance between institutional formality and the informal voice of social networks.

Joves de Barcelona brand architecture

To enable the City Council to manage all applications internally, we developed a tool that allows them to create the necessary letterings.

Motion Design


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