go human

Reshifting a gender-neutral skin-care brand onto emotions

Go Human is a Barcelona-based natural men's care brand committed to enhancing not only skin health but also overall well-being. Their products are crafted with natural, top-quality, organic, and vegan ingredients, showcasing a dedication to respecting all forms of life on the planet.

We crafted a brand narrative around the idea of being human above all; from within and taking care of oneself, to our people, our environment and our world.

As a result, the packaging becomes a framework that encourages you to take care of yourself and reflect on your everyday intimate rituals: Awake, Respect, Feel, Flow. ​​​​​​​

When approaching every project, we believe that every meaningful solution begins by asking the right questions. For Go Human, we questioned the masculine cosmetic established cliches that want to make us feel mighty, younger, or attractive.

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Enric Badrinas